James Clarke

I was never an overweight person until I came to live in America. Back home in England I always weighed between 170 and 175lbs. It was where my body was comfortable. I did not have to think about what I was eating or how I was training. Then in 2014 I moved to America and I kept the same eating and training habits. Over the course of 3 years, my weight slowly increased. There are a lot more ingredients in the exact same foods compared to England. So while I was sticking to my same diet and minimal training, my body needed to store all the extras that it was getting. By the time June 2019 came around, I weighed in at 222lbs. This was the heaviest I had ever weighed. Something needed to be done, but I had no motivation to do anything about it. Thankfully, one of my coworkers decided that they were going to start a “diet” and challenged me to a little competition. Now, I am not one to turn down a challenge; So, this was all I needed to begin my journey.

I had an idea on how to adjust my nutrient and caloric intake to improve my weight; But I really wanted to win this challenge. So, I enlisted the help of Mandy Albright to give me more guidance on how I should adjust my eating and training habits. I went down to a caloric intake of 1900 calories a day. I made sure that I was strict with this and tracked everything that I consumed. This number was adjusted every 2-4 weeks as my weight decreased. It definitely became an obsession of mine. I trained 3 times a week, mainly doing cardio exercise. After 3 months I am now down to 190lbs. I feel that I am comfortable at this weight and have adjusted the type of training that I do so that I can stick at this weight while losing bodyfat and increasing muscle mass.

This journey has been tough and definitely requires dedication. If you have a goal, and you truly want to reach it, you will do everything in your power to reach it.

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