The Summit’s aquatic facility offers a variety of activities for everyone including pool, whirlpool, and sauna.


The Summit’s aquatics facility offers a wide variety of amenities for your enjoyment.

Our Pool consists of 3 lanes, all 25 yards in length, which are used for various activities. The depth ranges from 4-4 ½ ft, making it ideal for walkers and those doing aquatic exercise. The temperature is kept between 85-86 degrees to accommodate all activities. The Pool has easy to access stairs with a handrail as well as a motorized chair lift for those with disabilities.

Also located in our aquatics area are a Whirlpool and a Sauna. Our Whirlpool is 3 ½ ft deep with easy to access stairs with a handrail and built in bench for seating. The Whirlpool is kept between 100-102 degrees and contain multiple jets. Our Whirlpool provides the heat and kneading action to sooth tired and sore muscles along with therapeutic benefits to those with arthritis and other joint and muscle aliments. Our Sauna is kept around 180 degrees and has 2 levels of built in benches for seating. The heat not only relaxes and soothes muscles it also helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Connected to the aquatics area are the Men’s and Women’s Main Locker Rooms each containing their own Steam Room and Inhalation Therapy Room. The Steam Rooms provide a 100-105 degree steam which help rid of the body of toxins and improves breathing while you relax. Our Inhalation Therapy Rooms have a continuous stream of eucalyptus and menthol vapors that opens airways and improves breathing while our heat lamps provide a soothing warmth for relaxation.