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We have the largest and finest indoor soccer facility in the area, with 120 ft. by 55 ft., full-rounded rink boards, recessed goals and the NEW soccer turf!

**Click on "League schedules, standings and registration forms" for all league and tournament forms

Competitive leagues begin in October, running in two sessions and ending in March. Age groups ranging from U-8 through O-30 are available in Boys and Girls divisions. Younger age groups (U-11 and under) will play on the walled turf court and older age groups (U-12 and above) will play on the tennis courts depending on available times.

  • 2023 Fall League (November 3-5 to December 15-17)
    • 7 week session, $325/team
  • 2024 Winter League (January 26-28 to March 8-10)
    • 7 week session, $325/team

The Summit also hosts a tournament between the fall and winter sessions:

  • The FC 814 Classic on January 13-14 and 20-21, 2024
    • Junior/Senior High school and adult teams
    • Junior/Senior High team must be from the same school or school team
    • Large touch line court (7v7)
    • Saturday, January 13: Senior High Girls ($275/team)
    • Sunday, January 14: Junior High Girls and Men's Open ($275/team)
    • Saturday, January 20: Senior High Boys ($275/team)
    • Sunday, January 21: Junior High Boys, Women's Open and O-30 ($275/team)

Please contact Mike Alianiello, Soccer Director, at 814-937-6667 or for more information or to be placed on our mailing list


Thanks to our partnership with Sports Evolution, The Summit is proud to offer a 6,000+sq/ft turfed indoor field available for rental.

Why turf? Did you know that training on a turf surface is ideal for developing endurance, speed, agility, strength and coordination through a multitude of exercises? It’s perfect for sled drags, tire flips, broad jumps, medicine ball slams, prowlers, box jumps and much more. The extra padding helps prevent injuries and is easier on your joints. It’s also resistant so there’s less chance of slipping and hurting yourself.

Artificial turf provides the ideal surface type that can accommodate the weight and sudden movements of many types of exercises. The slightly padded surface assists athletes in maintaining their positioning during precision movements like pivots and planting their feet for lifts as well as stretching. It also allows them to maintain their rhythm and balance while focusing more on technique and strength.

The stable surface of the turf area will also decrease the risk of slips and falls. The cushioning absorbs the shock of heavy weights and lessens the pressure on athletes’ joints. It prevents wear and tear on the knees and ankles and therefore reduces soreness and the risk of injury, including shin splints

To rent the indoor field and reap its benefits, please call us 814-946-1668.

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