These classes are great for beginners and experienced riders alike

Looking for this months class schedule?


Starting June 1st, 2024, Group Exercise classes will be included in the Gold level memberships. A charge of $12 will be made for Non-members and Silver level members. Insurance members can opt to pay a $15 monthly charge to attend Group Exercise classes (SilverSneakers® classes are no charge for SilverSneakers®, Silver & Fit® and Renew Active memberships).

Spots in our group exercise classes must be reserved.  You can reserve a spot in class up to 24 hours in advance by using The Summit app or by calling the front desk at 814-946-1668.


Experience a full ride of hills, sprints and endurance intervals with energizing music and motivational instruction during one of our many Spinning® classes.  With more than 10 classes a week, each class is designed for specific terrain. Riders are able to customize their own ride so these classes are great for beginners and experienced riders alike.

If you have never experienced Spinning®, try out our 45-minute express class on Monday evenings (5:45 P.M.). It’s a great way to get introduced to this low-impact cardiovascular exercise experience.

Bike shoes are not necessary to take classes. Please bring water to stay hydrated throughout the class.

A sign-up sheet for each class is available 24 hours before class to ensure fairness to all members and guests. There are 15 spaces per class and each participant is assigned a bike. Reservations can be made in the club or by calling 814-946-1668.



Endurance: An endurance training session trains the body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat and maintaining a comfortable pace for extended periods. The emphasis is on finding a comfortable heart rate and pedaling style that can be maintained for hours. The heart rate is not varied throughout class. The majority of training should be endurance.

Strength: The strength training session involves steady, consistent pedaling with heavy resistances. Strength rides promote muscular and cardiovascular development that will enable you to feel like a strong and powerful climber. Recovery from this session is critical.

Interval: Interval training sessions emphasize speed, tempo, timing, and rhythm. Movements may include high RPM pedaling in the flats, Acceleration drills, and recovery stretches. The goal of interval training is to develop the ability to recover quickly after work efforts, an exercise that can be done in several heart rate ranges.

Varied: The Varied Terrain ride is a ride which includes terrain from all the other types of rides in the energy zones. Heart rates and terrain will vary.

Express Spin: A thirty minute ride geared toward beginners and those with limited time. Participants control the intensity

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