Unleash Your Potential on The Summit's Turf: Where Performance Meets Possibility!

Experience the pinnacle of athletic training with The Summit's cutting-edge turfed indoor field, spanning over 6,000 square feet and proudly offered in partnership with Sports Evolution.


Why Turf?

Discover the unparalleled benefits of training on a turf surface, meticulously engineered to enhance endurance, speed, agility, strength, and coordination across a myriad of exercises. From sled drags and tire flips to broad jumps and medicine ball slams, our turf provides the ultimate playground for athletes of all levels.

The Advantages of Turf:

1. Injury Prevention: The extra padding of our turf surface serves as a protective cushion, reducing the risk of injuries and minimizing strain on joints. Say goodbye to slips and falls, as our resistant turf offers stability and support throughout your training regimen.

2. Optimal Performance: Artificial turf offers the perfect balance of stability and flexibility, allowing athletes to maintain precision and control during dynamic movements. Whether executing pivots, planting for lifts, or stretching, our turf surface empowers athletes to focus on technique and strength with confidence.

3. Joint Health: The cushioning properties of our turf surface absorb shock from heavy weights, alleviating pressure on joints and minimizing the risk of strain and soreness. By reducing wear and tear on knees and ankles, our turf promotes long-term joint health and performance longevity.

Elevate Your Training:

Unleash your full potential on The Summit's turfed indoor field, where every stride and every rep brings you closer to your fitness goals. Experience the difference of training on turf and discover a new dimension of performance and athleticism.

To rent the indoor field and reap its benefits, please call us 814-946-1668.