The Summit is the ONLY area club to offer a Sauna, Steam Rooms and Inhalation Rooms



Whether you are looking to relax your muscles after a workout or warm up on a cold day, the sauna is perfect for you.  Located in the pool area, the sauna is kept around 180 degrees.  The sauna has two levels of built in benches for seating and heat lamp lighting. The heat not only relaxes and soothes muscles it also helps cleanse the body of toxins while helping you boost your metabolism and immune system.  Saunas provide a unique way to get your heart pumping and give you an energy boost.  As your skin heats up, your heart pumps harder to bring cooler blood to the surface and lower your skin’s temperature.  Inside of a sauna, you can raise your heart rate up as much as mild exercise while not moving.  The increased blood flow helps to rid your body of the waste products that are generated during a workout.  The increased blood flow also spurs new skin growth and helps exfoliate all the dead cells that are building up.  The heat of the sauna also mobilizes the oils in your skin which are natural moisturizers and antibiotics.


Steam Rooms

The Men’s and Women’s Main Locker Rooms each contain their own steam room which provide a 100-105 degree steam.  Steam therapy can help to reinvigorate your skin by increasing the blood flow, opening the pores, and removing dead skin and impurities while boosting your immune system.  The steam helps relax stiff joints and muscles after workouts and can help with the recovery process.  The steam room is also great for clearing any sinus irritations as well as head and chest congestion.


Inhalation Rooms

Have a cold or other sinus issues?  Our inhalation rooms, located in the Men’s and Women’s Main Locker Rooms, provide a continuous stream of circulating eucalyptus vapors paired with heat lamps to provide a soothing warmth for relaxation.   Eucalyptus vapors are effective for treating a number of respiratory problems, from the common cold to bronchitis and sinusitis.  Along with opening airways and improving breathing, eucalyptus vapors can help alleviate symptoms of mental exhaustion and stress.