Charlene Romeo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in my case, a 1,099 cringes. When I saw my picture at the beach I knew it was time to get moving. Literally. I met with Personal Trainers Missy Rummel and later Wayne Wolfe. I needed education so they taught me the how and why, and gave me tools to continue on my journey on my own. At 58, I feel strong and fit and The Summit is my cornerstone! I love to eat, and have a real weakness for sweets! Whenever I feel like cheating on a workout, or skipping it, I always remind myself, ‘Who is this ultimately going to affect?’ Me of course. Whenever I need advice, or clarification on an exercise, the trainers are there with help! Plateau’s are a natural progression to weight/fat loss as your body is constantly trying to stabilize. I don’t get too hung up on numbers on a scale but realize how I look reflects what I put into my body and how my body moves!

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